Support and Traning

Support Partner

We offer with our companies professional help in bort consulting for setting up scanners to run as single ore to integrate with your pipeline.

Scanings box

Setup a Samma scanning box in your already cluster or a separate scannings cluster. And get started scanning fast and simple. Whats is needed is a Kubernetes cluster and it can run on-prem or in the cloud.


Integrating the samma scanners into your pipeline makes a lot of sense. Make them run on merge requests and scan early. Setup

Custom scanners

Samma scanners can be expanded with more scanners so wrap your own load test scanner and add that to the samma output. Ore we can build your own custom scanner and add it also the samma operator and use the operator to deploy.


With our partners, you can get e full Samma scanner cloud setup to scan all of your targets and store your data on the partner hardware This include

Tranings and Sandbox

Here you can find tranings and sandbox to test Samma.



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