Samma security is a set of opensource tools put toghter. they will scan you apps and send there output to a ELk stack. The scanners are small and ligt and are will only scan on source. perfect in you CD pipline ore as a Kubernetes Job

Samma Monitoring is a small set of aps that will monitor you external webpages for you. here the diffrent are that the app themself will register with samma to get monitord. Perfect in a CD envorment when you spin up multipel apps. (Als working in integrate into kubernets and lissen for ingress)

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About Us

After working with web security and monitor for years there are some tools thet dont follow us into the microservice world. So we have started using opensource tools. And here we packaged he tools we use so that you also can use them


Samma scanner are the scanners you use like nmap and openvas. But we package them into docker and ad som epython to extrakt the result. So now you can fire up a openvas scanner to scan your app and get the result into you Elasticsearch. Perfect for CD and DEVSECOPS


when going to microservice there are new host poping up everywhere and some are important to monitor. But adding new host al the time cant be done. So with samma monitoring when you app is deploy it register to our cloud service and then monitoring begins. All automated and build for todays webdeveloping.

How I use Samma?


Base Repo

This is the base setup it will give you a Elasticsearch, Kibana, RabbitMQ and Logstah, whne this is up you can start running the scans

Openvas Repo

Openvas scanner is a network and application scanner. It will find ports, tls settings and more, A great base scanner for any host, *Would run aginst host, Not super fast*

Nmap Repo

The tool for finding open ports!, Fins all your openport and then you can get a overview of all openports in network


Base Repo

Base setup will spin up the base monitoring apps

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