Samma Security Scanner

Security scanners for kubernetes

Always a corect targets list

Sammas operator keeps track of you targets in the kubernetest cluster by monitorin ingress and services that are created. When a new targets is deploys samma will create scanners against that target. And then a targets gets deleted the scanners ara removed.

Pre build dasboards

With our prebuild dashboard you have the best starting point to monitor the scan results. See trends and monitor targets all from grafana. And set alarm when new findings are discoverd.

Build for Developers

Our scanners are build with Developer first in mind. So they are easy to deploy and test. If you want to scan your app, a simple docker run is all that are needed. Start scans local with docker on every merge request and in prod. Its easy and fast. Now you no longer have to wait for thoose big scanners complete.

Monitor the Delta

No more false possitive! Lets monitor the trend of the scanner and alert and rect when needed. Let Machinlearning and trend monitor do the work and alert you when somethings sticks out. Samma stands for "The same" in Swedish And if everything is the same... then no need to react.

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