Keep Your AWS service secure

Keep your aws targets synced

In AWS sometimes you get alot of ec2 and public ip fast. And you may want to keep them scanned and up to sync So then its some easy task you can do. You will also see a list of ip in grafana and kibana

Find your public ip

In your aws cli run this command to get your public ip

aws ec2 describe-instances | grep PublicIpAddress | grep -o -P "\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+" | grep -v '^10\.'

Add scanner to thoose is now simple

First get the ip and save to file

aws ec2 describe-instances | grep PublicIpAddress | grep -o -P "\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+" | grep -v '^10\.' >> ip.txt

Now run the bash script to create scanners with helm

while IFS= read -r line
  HOURE=$(shuf -i 7-10 -n 1)
  MINUTE=$(shuf -i 0-60 -n 1)

  helm uninstall tsunamo-ip-$NAME -n samma-io
  helm upgrade --install tsunamo-ip-$NAME  --debug --set ip=$TARGET  /home/mahe/helm-repo/tsunami -n samma-io
  helm uninstall $NAME -n samma-io
  helm upgrade --install $NAME  --debug --set target=$TARGET --set schedule="$MINUTE $HOURE * * 5" --set image.tag=v0.2 /home/mahe/helm-repo/nmap -n samma-io
  helm uninstall nikto-$NAME -n samma-io 
  helm upgrade --install nikto-$NAME  --debug --set target=$TARGET --set schedule="$MINUTE $HOURE * * 5" /home/mahe/helm-repo/nikto  -n samma-io
done < "$input"

From this it shouls be a simple task to update your scanns. Tips are to create a namespaces with your aws scanners and then simple delete that namespace to remove all scanners. And then run this script to add the new. In that way the scanners are always updated.