Samma Security Scanners

Samma Scanners is a set of our most used open-source scanners. They are set ut side by side and used to scan our targets. The result is then parsed and output as JSON into stout ore with filebeat to elasticsearch. The result is then monitored and searched with grafana och kibana

Find and Deploy, Scan output, and Monitor

Samma Scanner is built up of different parts, all the parts together form the samma scanner stack.

Find and Deployer

The first part of Samma is the deployer. The deployer listens for Kubernetes ingress ore service and then deploys the scanner against the ingress ore service in your cluster. It Will also add a new Custom Resource to your Kubernetes cluster that you use for deploying scanners. When a new scan starts Samma has wrapped the common scanner and point it to the target. And then read and parse the result of the scanner.


Scan output

When then the scanner is done the output of the scanner will be processed and then stored in JSON. Samma will also split up the result so every finding gets its JSON entry. This makes searching and graphing for every target easier. The result is printed into stout four you regular log pipeline to read. Ore can be stored to disk so you can read the JSON using your favorite log parser. Samma includes a filebeat parser that can be used to send the result into an Elasticsearch.



Samma comes with a ready dashboard that can be used to visualize the result from the scanners. There are bort dashboard for grafana and kibana.



Samma comes with prebuild docker images. then can be run standalone with a simple docker run command or deployed into a Kubernetes cluster and run as jobs or cronjobs


Scan your first target with ''' docker run samma_scanner/nikto -e ''' Find all our scanners at our GitHub pages


You can easily deploy your scanners with helm commands to start the scanners ''' helm upgrade –install samma-io –set nmap-samma nmap/ '''

You can find all the helm charts at our helm GitHub repo

Kubernetes Custom Resource

Samma also comes with a custom resurce for kubernetes. With this you can easy deploy diffrent targets from you kubernetes cluster ''' apiVersion:
kind: Scanner metadata: name: samma-nmap
namespace: samma-io spec: target: scheduler: “2 19 * * *” samma_io_id: “12345” samma_io_tags: - scanner - prod #samme_io_json: ‘{“attacke”:“true”}’ write_to_file: “true” elasticsearch: elasticsearch scanners: [‘nmap’] '''

Read more at our Kubernetes operator

Auto Discover Targets

To learn more about Sammas auto-discover of target and to deploy the operator read more here.


To use the result from the scanners feeds into an elasticsearch, Kibana, and grafana. To make it easy Samma has a pre-setup helm chart that will deploy the service needed into your cluster. This chart is called highground. It also comes with predefined dashboards for both Grafana och Kibana It’s super easy to install using samma helm chart